PPO is the Way to Go

Delta Dental members know the value of staying in network. So when longtime member Ben moves to a new town and is hit with a toothache, he knows he needs to find an in-network dentist nearby. The question is which network is best for him? Follow Ben as he explores his network options in our video, “PPO is the Way to Go.”



Members with a Delta Dental PPOTM (Point-of-Service) plan may see any dentist they like. However, there are advantages to choosing a dentist who participates in either the PPO or Delta Dental Premier® network.

Both options come with in-network benefits, but choosing a dentist in the PPO network may save you more money and provide higher levels of coverage since our PPO dentists have agreed to accept lower fees as full payment for covered services. You can still save money by seeing a dentist in the Delta Dental Premier network, but it may not be as much.

With so many dentists participating in Delta Dental's networks, it's easy finding an in-network dentist near you.

To find an in-network dentist:

  • Visit Find a Dentist. Then, choose your network from the list, and enter your address and/or ZIP code in the search form.
  • If you do not know what network(s) your plan uses, log in to the Member Portal. Here, you can find nearby dentists in your network, and also access claim information, review eligibility and much more.
  • Call us toll free at 800-524-0149, and the automated system will provide you with a list of participating dentists near you.

Always ask your dentist if he or she is a participating dentist with your Delta Dental plan before receiving any dental services.