Delta Dental of Ohio

Master's Thesis Award Recipients

Congratulations to the 2015 award recipients!


The University of Michigan School of Dentistry

  • Dr. Nejay Pauline Ananaba, " Pediatrician's Educational Experiences, Knowledge, Professional Attitudes and Behavior Related to Infant Oral Health Care"
  • Dr. Claire Fedore, "In Vitro Analysis of 3D Printed Scaffolds for Control of Craniofacial Tissue Mineralization"
  • Dr. Anastasia Katsavochristou, "The Effect of Implant Angulation on the Fracture Load of ZrO2 Ceramic Abutments for the Anterior Maxilla"
  • Dr. Stephen M. Wade, "Surface Characterizing High Strength CAD/CAM Ceramics"
  • Dr. Fahd Yanullah AlQahtani, "Knoop Hardness, Degree of Conversion and Bi-axial Flexural Strength of Bulk Fill Composites"
  • Sabrina Garcia-Gazaui, "Influence of Screw Channel Angulation on the Fracture Resistance of Zirconia Abutments"
  • Dr. Edwin Kwon, "The Role of Ellis-can Creveld 2 (EVC2) in Mice Juring Cranial Bone Development"
  • Dr. Varinee Srimahachota, "Volumetric Shrinkage and Polymerization Shrinkage Stress of Different Bulk-fill Composites"
  • Jessica Pongett, "Comparison of Two Subsets of Neural Crest Cells That May Contribute to Different Patterns of Craniosynostosis"
  • Dr. Priscila Schafer, "The Effect of Core Material on Color of Pressed E-Max with Varying Thickness"
  • Dr. Sultan Binalrimal, "Evaluation of Flexural Strength and Repait of Provisional Restorations"

The Ohio State University College of Dentistry

  • Dr. Jiafeng Gu, "Evaluation of Invisalign Treatment with Peer Assessment Rating (PAR) Index"
  • Dr. Elizabeth K. Johnson, "Borderline Dental Attractiveness Judged by IOTN and Facial Attractiveness Evaluated by Eye-Tracking"

Indiana University School of Dentistry

  • Dr. Ben J. Adams, "Effects of DynaMatrix on Angiogenic Cytokine Expression From Human Dental Pulp Fibroblasts: An In Vitro Study"
  • Dr. Himanbindu Dukka, "PGRP Expressions in Human Placental Tissues of Pre-eclamptic Women"
  • Dr. Scott Hill, "Effects of DynaMatrix on Angiogenic Cytokine Expression From Human Dental Pulp Fibroblasts: An In Vitro Study"
  • Dr. Avni Maru, "Constructing and Evaluating 3D Image Based Stents for a Conservative 'Canal-Directed' Endodontic Access"
  • Dr. Krithika Rajkumar, "Expression of Peptidoglycan Recognition Proteins in Trophoblasts in Response to Peptidoglycans and Its Components"
  • Dr. Rana Shahi, "Effect of Tetracycline-Incorporated Nanofibers as a Novel Dental Implant Surface Modifier On Antimicrobial Activity and Osteoblastic Cell Proliferation"
  • Dr. Noppmath Supornpun, "Translucency and Degree of Conversion of Resin Cement with Different Thickness:
  • Dr. Dan Jenks, “Evaluating the Residual Antibacterial Effect in Radicular Dentin Treated with Different Concentrations of DAP in a Methyl Cellulose Vehicle: An Invitro Study”
  • Dr. Sarmad M. Alyas, "The Longevity of Residual Antibacterial Effect on Dentin treated with Various Concentrations of Triple Antibiotic Paste (TAP)"
  • Dr. Asma Azabi, "The Antibacterial Efficacy of Innovative 3D TAP-mimic Scaffold Against Actinomyces naeslundii Bacteria"
  • Dr. Jun Sun, "Effects of Pyk2-deficiency on Midpalatal Suture Expansion in Mice"
  • Dr. Devin Shone, "Fluoride Release from an Established Biofilm under Erosive Conditions Created by Commercially Available Beverages"